Vol.3, No.1 (2004.8.31)

Cover illustration 表紙図


日本の高山を代表する地上生樹状地衣,本州中部および北部,北海道の高山に多い.四国からも記録がある.長野県蓼科山 天狗の露地(標高2150m)にて,2004年6月10日,安斉唯夫撮影.

Cladonia stellaris

In Japan this species is a representative of terricolous fruticose lichens in "the alpine zone". It is common in high mountains in central and northern Honshu and in Hokkaido, with a few reports from Shikoku Island. Photo by T. Anzai; 2150 m elev. at "Tengu-no-roji" on Mt. Tateshina, Nagano, central Japan, 10 June 2004.

Cover Illustrations of Lichenology Vol. 3, No. 1


Hur J.-S., Harada H., Lim K.-M., Lee S. M., Vuong L. V., Oh S.-O. & Koh Y. J.: Stimulation of Soil Microbial Activity by Lichen Colonization in an Abandoned Coalmine Waste Dump Soil

Lichenology 3(1): 1-9.


Harada H. & Yoshimura I.: Nomencatural Notes on Pilophorus (Lichenized Ascomycota; Stereocaulaceae) with Pilophorus nigricaulis and P. curtulus

[原田 浩・吉村 庸: カムリゴケ属(キゴケ科地衣類)の学名と著者名に関するノート]

Lichenology 3(1): 11-15.

高橋奏恵・加藤裕一・出口博則: トゲヨロイゴケ Sticta weigelii (Ach.) Vain. の分布と形態

[Takahashi K., Kato Y. & Deguchi H.: Taxonomic Note on Sticta weigelii (Ach.) Vain.]

Lichenology 3(1): 17-20.

原田 浩・木下靖浩: 分布資料 (6). ヘリトリツメゴケ Peltigera collina

[Harada H. & Kinoshita Y.: Materials for the Study of Distributions of Lichenized Fungi (6). Peltigera collina]

Lichenology 3(1): 21-23.


Wang L.S.: Bryoria confusa (Lichenized Ascomycota, Parmeliaceae) as a Food for Man and Monkey in Sichuan and Yunnan, China

Lichenology 3(1): 25-26.

大石英子: 最近の園芸及び造園業界で見られる地衣類について

[Ohishi H.: Note on current use of lichens for bonsai and horticulture]

Lichenology 3(1): 27-28.

原田 浩・王 立松: 輪になった樹状地衣 Sulcaria virens

[Harada H. & Wang L.-S.: Thallial Branch Connection to Create a Loop in the Filamentous Lichen, Sulcaria virens]

Lichenology 3(1): 29-30.


原田 浩・岡本達哉・松本達雄・吉村 庸: 地衣類の新和名

[Harada H., Okamoto T., Matsumoto T. & Yoshimura I.: On New Japanese Names of Lichens and Lichen-allies of Japan]

Lichenology 3(1): 31-40.