Cover Illustrations of Lichenology Vol. 5, No. 2


関東以西の主に低地に分布し,渓谷の岩壁などによく見られる.キゴケ属の中では比較的大形であり,擬子柄に粉芽塊を生ずることと,嚢状の頭状体を持つことで容易に区別できる.愛媛県面河渓にて,2006年9月24日,原田 浩撮影.

Stereocaulon sorediiferum Hue

This lichen is rather common on rocks in humid places in valleys or gorges, mainly at lower elevations in central to western Japan. It is easily distinguished by soralia and sac-like cephalodia. Photo by H. Harada; ca. 750 m elev., in Omogo-kei Gorge, Ehime-ken, Shikoku, western Japan, 24 Sept. 2006.

Lichenology Vol. 5, No. 2