Cover Illustrations of Lichenology Vol. 5, No. 1


しばしば高さ10cmを超える子柄はほとんど分枝せず,先細りする姿は,和名のとおり薙刀を連想させる.高山の地上に生え,ハイマツの根元の半日陰の地点(写真左)や,矮性低木に混じることが多い.北海道ニペソツ岳標高約1800mにて,1986年8月21日,原田 浩撮影.

Cladonia maxima (Asah.) Ahti

“Naginata-goke” (the Japanese long sword lichen). The long podetia, frequently over 10 cm long, usually unbranched and tapering at the tips, recall the Japanese long sword. In Japan it grows on the ground frequently in partial shade under Pinus pumila scrub (left photo) or among dwarf shrubs in “the alpine zone.” Photo by H. Harada; ca. 1800 m elev., on Mt. Nipesotsu, Hokkaido Isl., northern Japan, 21 August 1986.

Lichenology Vol. 5, No. 1