Cover Illustrations of Lichenology Vol. 4, No. 2


扇形の地衣体は菌糸が絡みついたスミレモ属近縁の糸状緑藻が集合してできていて,上の面には小さな半透明の子器が時々見られる.小笠原諸島と琉球列島の湿った場所に生育する.小笠原諸島母島,標高約200mの樹幹上にて,1995年5月,原田 浩撮影.

Coenogonium boninense M.Sato.

This elegant lichen has green fan-shaped thalli consisting of filamentous Trentepohlioid green algae covered by the mycobiont hyphae, and sometimes semipellucid tiny apothecia are seen on the upper surface. It is found only at humid sites on the subtropical Ogasawara (or Bonin) Islands and Ryukyu Islands, southern Japan. Photo by H. Harada; on tree trunk, 200 m elev. on Haha-jima Island of Ogasawara Islands, ca 1000 km south of Tokyo, Japan, May 1995.

Lichenology Vol. 4, No. 2